Do you find yourself satisfied temporarily with food? Is it the first thing you think of the moment you awake? Is it breakfast time and you’re already thinking about your next meal, even as far as dinnertime? Do you scope Pinterest for the latest delicious recipe to set your tongue ablaze with pleasure? During praise and worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, do you find it hard to focus on Him because you’re thinking about what’s for dinner instead?

Well, welcome to my latest battle in the spiritual realm of Hunger Games. I find the name of this very popular fictional series to be relevant to my journey right now, which interestingly enough, I didn’t come up with until just a moment ago. Funny how God works, isn’t it? In the book there is a physical aspect to the Hunger Games, but I’m not much of an advocate for violence, so we’ll keep it spiritual. Honestly, that’s what this blog is for, anyway:

Documenting my spiritual journey with the Lord.

However, the Lord is wanting me to focus on just one thing for this blog, and that is the sin of Gluttony and how it deprives us of God’s spiritual nourishment. I can tell you this blog was originally created for posting end time news articles, and nothing more, really. I’m not that good of a writer and it’s usually hard for me to articulate into words what the Lord shows me in studies and such. Therefore, when the Lord started dropping subtle hints into my spirit about turning this blog into a place for solace and knowledge for my own personal battle with the sin of surfeiting, I was a little resistant.

However, I feel very led to do this and, therefore, I’m going to stick it out… see where it’ll take me. Anyway, I’m hoping this post and others similar will benefit someone else or even inspire them to keep up the good fight. I know this is short and sweet, but I thought I’d give you the gist of what you’ll be reading if you decide to stick around!

God Bless!

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